Eclipse VARSITY 26


**You are only putting down a deposit to lock in your price and commit to us building your custom machine. As soon as we get your deposit, we will call you and go over the details of your order and the shipping costs.

Each machine is built to order right here in the USA and has different frame options.

Call (801) 631-6765 if you have any questions.

Maximize your quilting production and quality with a 18" longarm quilt machine specifically designed for home quilters. This machine is the ideal size for working in any space, including a small apartment. Plus, our manufacturing and design ensure minimal maintenance and easy servicing.


Increase your working space with our quilting frame. This is a floating quilt frame. This frame does not require rollers. The quilt is kept together with a series of strong magnets.


Easily control your speed with our comfortable foot pedal.


Wind your bobbins with ease with our award winning bobbin winder included with the deluxe package. Over a $300 value.


  • Stitch regulated (equated, cruise, basting, ruler, robot, tie off, job and manual)
  • Ram's horned handlebar with LCD display and led lighting
  • Rolling controllers and laser control port
  • Foot pedal control and speed limit control knob
  • LED light bar and stitch control
  • Plexiglass sewing surface so the machine is portable and can be used on any flat surface

Worried about standing all day. Finally there is an affordable longarm that can handle the big quilts but still lets us sit down. For under $5000 you can get a longarm with a custom table to help finish all your quilt projects. You can even help out friends and family finish their quilts. Just think, you don't have to send out your quilts anymore, now you can finish the quilts the way you want them done.


Weight: 50lbs
Longarm demensions: 18" throat

Additional information

Frame & Setup

Sit Down Head, With Table, Grace Phoenix 2 10' Frame


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